Create a diverse society for the new future of Japan

G-ken; Business Skills Test for Global Human Resources is a test for foreigners who work or wish to work in Japan, which is intended for overall judgment concerning business execution capabilities.
Examinees can learn business basic skills and human skills constructing satisfactory personnel relationships for work in a global society or a multi-cultural situation, and the enterprises can objectively evaluate the ability of foreign job applicants.
We aim to develop and utilize the foreign human resource that is now in great demand in various fields.

G-ken; Business Skills Test for Global Human Resources
Test Dates
Sixth Test:Sunday, January 26, 2020 (Seventh Test:Sunday, July 26, 2020)



Our vision is to create a diverse society in which all people, regardless of race, religion or culture, work harmoniously with mutual respect and understanding

In order to prevent the negative impact of Japan's working-age population decline, utilization of foreign human resources is the urgent need to compensate for the labor shortage in the labor force. In spite of the great demand of foreign workers in the service industry towards the tourism developed country achieved, the infrastructure for accepting them has not fully developed in Japan.

For example, in the field of recruitment of foreigners, applicants tend to be evaluated only by the Japanese language ability. Other capabilities such as communication ability, business manners, interpersonal skills are not usually evaluated in the process of employment screening. It is unfortunate that many of foreign workers recruited that way find it difficult to remain at the company for long.

We believe that improving this situation is the key to brighten the future of Japan.

In 2017, We started "Business Skills Test for Global Human Resources" in order to support for career development of foreign workers, by achieving the following three missions:

(1) To establish infrastructure such as personnel training method and evaluation criteria which provides efficient satisfaction for both foreign workers and the Japanese side
(2) To develop hospitality mind and job performance of foreign workers and contribute to the expansion of employment opportunities
(3) To create a diverse society in which all people of different cultural backgrounds work harmoniously into the new future of Japan

Who Can Apply


For all foreigners with the aim to work in Japan

Those who can apply are as follows:
*Foreign students of graduate schools, universities, or Japanese schools
*Foreigners who already work or wish to work in Japan
More than 1.1 million people are eligible in Japan. Overseas residents can also apply.



To build an advantageous relationship of Win-Win for the three parties of foreign examinees, educational institutions to which the examinees belong, and job offering enterprises.

We are aiming to make this Test expand further and widely recognized as evaluation criteria, in cooperation with enterprises and educational institutions.

  • Foreign examinees
  • ・Can make knowledge and skills learned from this test a lifelong property
    ・Can utilize this qualification as the "strength" for job hunting
    ・Can improve reliability in a business situation
  • Enterprises
  • ・Can utilize this qualification as criteria for employment
    ・Can prevent employee turnover and trouble caused by the mismatch after employing
    ・Can repair shortage of human resource by ensuring stable employment of foreign workers
  • Educational institutions
  • ・Can improve employment rate of students who have passed the test
    ・Can appeal to applicants for admission by supporting them to pass the test



G-ken is for foreigners to raise the ability to be loved in the workplace anywhere in Japan.

G-ken; Business Skills Test for Global Human Resources is the test for all Japanese who cooperate with foreigners and all foreigners who cooperate with Japanese. G-ken comprehensively assesses the applicability, 'Setsugu' skills and business basics currently active in Japanse business.



Four Levels from starters to the highest quality



About Us


Global Human Resource Career Support Association(GHCA)

Global Human Resource Career Support Association was established for the purpose of development and support of foreign human resources.
We aim to develop job skills and expand employment opportunities of foreign workers, and realize a diverse society in which all people of different cultural backgrounds work harmoniously for enhancement of productivity.
We operate "Business Skills Test for Global Human Resources" as part of our business activities.

The logo was designed with blue color of the Earth, red of Japan, and the alphabet of G, which was intended to be approachable to people of various cultural backgrounds.

■ About GHCA
Name: Global Human Resource Career Support Association
Address: 103-0001
Kodenmacho YS Bldg 3F, 12-5, Nihonbashi-Kodenmacho, Chuo, Tokyo
Establishment Date: 22 March, 2017
Excecutive Directors: Hideya Inoue
Hisayuki Suekawa
Takashi Matsuo
Kaori Aiko
Yoko Kuroda
Business Domain Official approval Test, Planning of events, seminors and training, Textbook publishing, Development and career support of global human resources, Providing matching support of job-seekers and enterprises, Information providing service

■Agencies in okinawa
Application for the test in Okinawa ,please contact the following agencies.

OTS Service Management Research & Consulting,Inc.
1-2-3 Matsuo 5F, Naha-shi, Okinawa-ken 900-0014

Ryuseki Front Line Co., Ltd.
Ryuseki building 4F,2-2-3 Irijima, Urasoe -shi,Okinawa- ken, 901-2123

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